It’s hard for me to fathom the night of the the Aurora Colorado theatre nightmare. We all know as Christians we need to forgive. Do I forgive James Holmes? Do you forgive James Holmes? I don’t know at this time. What I do know is this, I am asking GOD to guide me. Is he a young man who reached out for help and people turned the blind eye or was he a young man that was hearing voices from below?

Yes, what he did was unexplainable and horrific. My first thoughts are, Firing squad. He surrendered, we know he did it. But does he really deserve, do justice. In God’s eye yes. I answer my own question writing this blog. This young man deserves forgiveness.

The heartache of the family’s involved is incomprehensible. I can only be there to pray for them and know that God will heal them.

Lord, please hold everyone affected by this horrible act. It won’t be understood until our judgement day. It will drive hearts to fight for causes that we need in today’s world. Show the sufferer’s the light that they have to offer from this darkness. Keep those of us removed from this in constant prayer for those family’s who are looking for answers, that they are given your guidance to move forward and fight for you and the rights of the ones they lost. In your name we pray!



Giving??  I don’t boast about my life, the truth is it is great.  What I will boast about is my FAITH in Christ.  I can sit in my home and pray to God asking for guidance and answers.  He gives me both when He wants to.  Yet the one thing He has given me without prayer or His approval is the incredible gift of Giving.  Weather I make millions of just get by,  God has given me the gift to support and lift up others who may feel less fortunate, If only they knew! It is amazing to me that a friend who sheds tears because of God blessing them through me is a greater payday than when I can actually deposit those checks that I work hard for.  Let’s not be concerned about who has more material gifts, lets join together to “DRIVE” more of God’s children to Him!  –  “Drive For Christ!”

“Drive For Christ!” – I came up with this phrase when I was asked to do a Rollo for VDC #42 Bethel in the hills, Frazier Park, Ca.  (  My talk (Rollo) was on Christian study.  Long story short, Drive for Christ means to Strive to know Jesus.  Spend time with him in the Word (Bible), Bible Study, Sunday Service, Listen to Christian radio etc…  Our goal in this life is to walk this earth mirroring the teachings of Jesus.

“Drive For Christ!”…

What God has in store for me…

I have always had a love for crosses and thought that somehow my life would revolve around a cross. Well, June 5th 2010, God told me what to do. I have been developing a cross that I hope all Christians will see as a new form of commitment to each other. As in Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” We need to pray for each other. We know Prayer works!  So far this is what I know of His plan for me.   Each day God keeps revealing a little more.  I wake up everyday excited to see what He will have me do next.  What do you think God has in store for you?  Blessing’s to all and remember – “Drive For Christ!”